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Our Services

All of Concord MENA's services are based on the ultimate combination of highly qualified human resources and advanced technological solutions.
Public sentiment synopsis

Utilization of unique analytical tools to provide an up-to-date overview suited to the clients' priorities.

Social Media

Managing and enhancing your presence on the social media platforms in Arabic.

Content Management

Concord MENA's team of experts provides creative solutions through Arabic media to support client's business targets.   

Public Relations

Proven record of accomplishment, profound familiarity and expert knowledge of the Arabic media in the region, including launching and conducting PR campaigns.

Media Monitoring

Our team scrutinizes abstracts, translates and analyzes scores of Arabic language content sources on a regular basis.

Concord MENA offers its reports in various format-options:

A daily report (5 days a week) with at least 500 words featuring the main developments related to the topic under research plus special updates (in the form of brief reports or alerts).

  • A weekly report, with at least 2000 words summarizing the whole week plus special updates

  • One time special report


Unless otherwise specified, the reports will be prepared in English.

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